South Korean authorities have seized roughly $185 million worth of digital property from tax delinquents since 2021, Yonhap information company reported on Sept. 22.

In the second half of 2020, tax authorities carried out a system of seizing the digital property of tax delinquents to strain them to pay taxes. The authorities seized the delinquents’ accounts or property based mostly on info acquired from the cryptocurrency exchanges.

If the delinquents don’t pay the taxes after the seizure of property, the authorities promote the cryptocurrencies at market costs to recoup the arrears.

The highest quantity of digital property seized from a single delinquent stood at 12.49 billion gained or $8.87 million. The Seoul resident held round 20 cryptocurrencies, together with $2.27 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) and $1.34 million worth of Ripple (XRP), in accordance with the report. After the seizure, the person paid the taxes and requested that his property not be bought.

Another delinquent paid the taxes after the authorities seized $6.16 million worth of digital property. Additionally, a person who owed $1.91 million in nationwide taxes had crypto property worth $2.77 million seized.

The knowledge was supplied by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Ministry of Public Administration and Security, National Tax Service, and different authorities businesses.

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