NFT Worlds acquired a kick within the enamel with Minecraft’s sudden announcement that NFTs are a ‘no no’ on their platform. Many say the announcement confirmed a complete disregard for all Web 3 video games at the moment being developed on Minecraft. 

Many players will probably be over the moon with Mojang studios’ announcement, however what about builders who made NFTs and blockchain expertise central to their sport? 

What concerning the players and group already vested within the video games? 

NFT Worlds launched in October 2021, is one such sport. The Web3-based video games’ plans are upended. However, the corporate vows to proceed.

A statement by the company speaks of their contingency plans and a bigger battle throughout the gaming area. The assertion pulls no punches concerning massive tech companies. It reads;

“Make no mistake. This is a web2 vs web3 battle. It is a battle between two totally different visions of the way forward for the online: one which prioritizes shareholder worth and revenue margins above all else and one which prioritizes the spirit of innovation via unbiased creators.

Minecraft gaming platform says no to NFTs

They made their assertion in a weblog submit. Minecraft pointed to their ‘Minecraft Users Guide’. They identified that every one Minecraft gamers will need to have the freedom to the identical functionalities and content material.

The writer then factors out that NFTs can create shortage and goes towards the corporate’s laid down rules and the spirit of Minecraft. They elaborate on this by mentioning the place Minecraft’s values of artistic inclusion and enjoying collectively, a protected and inclusive expertise, are in direct battle with blockchain getting used to create shortage, exclusivity, plus the speculative nature of NFTs.

The following snippet states it in stark phrases with no room for maneuver;

Blockchain applied sciences usually are not permitted to be built-in inside our shopper and server functions, nor might Minecraft in-game content material similar to worlds, skins, persona gadgets, or different mods be utilized by blockchain expertise to create a scarce digital asset.

The statements additionally speak about how blockchain encroaches on long-term pleasure, and speculative pricing of NFTs encourages profiteering by creating an funding mentality. It additional articulates how NFTs create a situation of the haves and have-nots.

NFT Worlds Rails towards Minecraft

NFT Worlds doesn’t see this transfer in isolation however as a broader battle between Web2 and Web3. One of the founders of NFT Worlds highlights the hypocrisy of Microsoft, Mojang, and Minecraft in a current tweet concerning shortage points and Minecraft values.

What is NFT Worlds

The challenge sees itself as a “truly decentralized, cross-platform (computers/consoles), community-driven & developed play-to-earn gaming metaverse.” It consists of 10,000 3D voxel NFT worlds, every growing its imaginative and prescient utilizing the Ethereum blockchain.

The sport paperwork state, “We see a future where each world offers unique gameplay mechanics, experiences, play-to-earn competitions, community hangouts, and so much more.”

That was earlier than, however what now?

Can NFT Worlds bounce again?

The sport was doing properly as a Minecraft shopper, with stats from April displaying over 64,000 gamers (34,000 new to blockchain), 250,000 participant hours, and 960,000 in-game WRLD tokens. We have no idea how a lot impact this may have on the sport, however we all know that the token price has dropped from $0.032 to $0.015.

Coming again from this isn’t going to be straightforward. As NFT Worlds expressly states on their paperwork web page,

“We didn’t want to have to reinvent the wheel by creating our own unproven game from scratch, while also having to innovate on the NFT integration & decentralized metaverse side of the platform we envisioned.”

However, the group usually are not keen to throw within the towel. They point out the dedication to proceed to construct a free-to-play metaverse with NFTs.

Already they’re assembling a group of “the highest visionary builders throughout the Minecraft growth ecosystem.’ They additionally point out the total help of all ‘of our group. They additionally say what at all times goes a great distance towards success or failure is cash. According to the assertion, they’ve a ‘conflict chest of funds to see them via.


The massive Web2 companies like Microsoft Minecraft and Mojang have the higher hand in all this till we’ve got true decentralization. They have all of the firepower, even when fact-checked about not wanting to create a situation of the haves and have-nots.

We want to ship our help to all these tasks and all our group affected by the Minecraft decision. Continue to battle.

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